Fareed Samad, trainer & owner of Train 2 Perfection, offers boxing for all ages and levels of athletic ability. Whether you’re a professional fighter or getting in shape for the first time, you will be appropriately challenged both mentally and physically, at a level that suits your capacity for exercise and discipline.

Boxing is a well known, efficient method to getting in great physical shape. The benefits one gains from boxing—from muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance to improved coordination and health—are not just physical. It also benefits your mind by inspiring confidence, determination, focus, and patience. Overall you will look and feel better as a result of boxing training.


Boxing Workout

Training and conditioning just like professional boxing but without the sparring. A great way to get in shape in a group class environment.

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Private training

Catered towards your personal fitness goals, these sessions provide more opportunities to learn quickly while training at your own individual pace.

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Amateur & Pro Boxing

Fareed trains amateur & professional boxers in a safe and controlled environment. You will be paired to spar with others at your appropriate level.

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Private and mobile training sessions are also available–contact Fareed for details.

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